Wireless Solutions for a Wireless World

The world relies on wireless communications, and wireless carriers rely on Horizon Network Partners to provide critical fiber optic infrastructure that meets bandwidth demand and generational growth.

At Horizon, we deliver backhaul, dark fiber, wavelength and Ethernet services that help wireless carriers not only meet network demand, but advance their networks and expand their service territories. Our 4,500 route-mile network of 144-strand and 288-strand fiber cables, built primarily in just the last 10 years, facilitates 4G and next-generation services that are only possible with the virtually unlimited speed and calability that comes from a purely optical network.

Non-Traditional Routes & Reliability

By utilizing non-traditional routes to major metropolitan, suburban and rural areas in the Midwest and beyond, the Horizon fiber network provides wireless carriers with increased measures of network security and redundancy that keeps networks running. Additionally, the Horizon network is actively monitored and managed, 24/7/365, to ensure consistent, continuous and reliable service.

Advancing Your Network

Whether it’s to keep businesses running, transactions processing, families connected or entertainment streaming, wireless communications have become critical components in our lives. As society’s reliance on wireless grows, Horizon Network Partners is helping wireless carriers access the fiber optic infrastructure to grow their services and capabilities.

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