Network and Fiber Optic Solutions for Government

Horizon Network Partners builds data network infrastructure that helps governments and public institutions serve their constituents and communities at 21st century speed.

In today’s always-on world, taxpayers expect 24/7 access to online services, and governments need the tools and infrastructure to make those services accessible. Advanced Ethernet networks, Internet, and data center services from Horizon offer government agencies the technology infrastructure they need to meet the public demand for 24/7 access with reliable and consistent service.

Flexible Solutions

At Horizon we understand that solutions that work for municipalities won’t always work for counties, and what works for cities won’t necessarily be effective for state government agencies. It’s why we design custom solutions for our clients that ensures that their unique public sector needs are met.

Scalability and Compatibility

As more government services move online, local, county and state governments require both network scalability and compatibility to ensure integration with legacy systems. Horizon offers network fiber-based solutions that include point-to- point and point-to- multipoint connectivity for adaptability, and electrical or optical IEEE 802.3 interfaces, optically switched or routed network topologies, and even jumbo frames to ensure compatibility.

To learn more about the custom solutions Horizon can offer your government institutions, contact us to learn more.