Financial Industry Network & Data Solutions

When your finance operations need reliable, fast networking, Horizon Network Partners has the infrastructure and expertise to engineer a custom solution that keeps transactions and data moving at the speed of business.

Horizon Network Partners provides the network speed, security and adaptability on which the finance industry runs. Our suite of network offerings, including advanced Ethernet networksInternet, and data center services, delivers the infrastructure that banks, credit unions, insurance companies, hedge funds and high frequency traders need to do their jobs.

Reliability & Dependability

In the world of finance, information and network access are critical to operations. Simply put, financial institutions cannot afford a network outage. The Horizon network is built to ensure reliability and dependability with a 24/7/365 monitoring, ring-protected network architecture, and network points of presence with diverse connectivity and power that ensures disaster-resistant service built to survive worst-case scenarios.

Speed and Security

Built primarily over the last 10 years, the Horizon fiber network can offer speed and scalability that is only possible with a true fiber optic network – speeds that reaches up to 100 gigabits. And because our network is dedicated, we ensure that your institution has access to all your available bandwidth at all times. Additionally, our network utilizes non-traditional routes across major metropolitan, suburban and rural areas in the Midwest and beyond, which ensures increased measures of network security and redundancy that keeps networks running.

To learn more about how Horizon can help your financial institution overcome its network challenges, contact us today.