Unique Answers for Education

Whether your faculty is instructing preschoolers, elementary students, high schoolers or those enrolled in higher education, a reliable, fast and robust network is a must to facilitate instruction and research.

Horizon Network Partners has a long history of working with school districts, colleges and universities to find the network solutions that meet their unique needs, within their unique budgets. We also understand the networking challenges that face educational institutions, such as requirements for point-to- point and point-to- multipoint connectivity, and the need for dedicated IP addresses to help manage network efficiency and speed.

Redundant Internet Service

As testing, research and education continues to move online, Internet access is no longer a want for educators, it’s a critical need. That’s why Horizon offers redundant Internet service to support existing Internet access, ensuring that educational systems can always get online when needed.

Security and Scalability

Ensuring the safety of students and the network, even while the need for more bandwidth grows, can be a challenge. However, Horizon has the capabilities to help educational institutions not only grow their networks so that capacity stays ahead of demand, but ensure that it is a customized, secure system.

To learn more about the Horizon network services tailored to educational institutions, contact us today.