Solutions by Industry

One-size- fits-all approaches to network service are common, but that doesn’t mean they work well. Often, organizations facing too few options will find themselves with levels of service they don’t use, or conversely, stuck with inadequate bandwidth to avoid going over budget.

At Horizon Network Partners, we believe in providing the types and levels of service that make our customers’ jobs easier, not ours.

Custom Solutions for Unique Organizations

Every industry and profession has its own unique needs, which is why Horizon Network Partners works closely with each of our clients to find just the right service or solution to overcome their challenges. Whether the answer requires an extension of our network, working with partners or using a combination of services, Horizon works to find a way to ensure connectivity.

Industry Specialization

From wireless carriers to healthcare providers, businesses to governmental organizations, we understand the needs and challenges facing the industries we serve. That’s how we can deliver reliable, customized solutions that solve networking, bandwidth, Internet, data center and colocation challenges.


The Carrier’s Carrier

Providing colocation, dark fiber, wavelength, data center and Ethernet services, Horizon is a trusted resource for carrier companies that need Midwest access.

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Advancing Healthcare Networks

Horizon Network Partners creates custom, data networks for healthcare providers with assured speed, reliability and low latency.

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Solutions for Education

Horizon Network Partners understands the unique needs of school districts, colleges and universities.

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Speed & Security

Tools for finance industry firms, including advanced Ethernet, collocation, Internet and data center services, that yield reliable, fast networking.

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Public Sector Solutions

Customized network outcomes for government organizations that advance constituent services and maintain compatibility with legacy systems.

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A True Network Partner

Backhaul, dark fiber, wavelength and Ethernet services designed to expand networks and advance next-generation services.

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