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Dedicated, Fast & Pure Fiber Optic Ethernet Network Solutions That Meet Your Needs

Your connection to data and information is the lifeblood of your business. With our advanced fiber optic network, you can be sure that your operations never stop flowing.

Horizon Network Partners provides Ethernet-based, fiber-optic solutions to businesses, hospitals, K-12 schools, universities, government, cellular towers and data centers. But unlike other providers, we offer a pure fiber optic Ethernet network. We also provide dedicated Ethernet service, which guarantees that your operations have access to all of your available bandwidth at all times.

With Horizon Ethernet and broadband services, you have access to:

Flexible Solutions

Customers choose Horizon because we offer the flexibility and solutions that others can’t, or won’t. In addition to serving major metropolitan markets across the Midwest and into the East Coast, we also provide solutions for many suburban and rural areas that other providers overlook. And in each of these areas, we offer a 100 percent, dedicated optical network.

Designing Network Flexibility

Even when geography and budget constraints appear to present insurmountable obstacles, we believe there is always a solution to be found. In Toronto, Ohio, a rural town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Horizon worked with the county library system to connect the local branch library into the system’s wider Ethernet network.

Accepting that fiber optic lines could not be run to the library while meeting the budgeted price point, we worked with our partners to deploy a robust network solution that runs on both lightning fast fiber-optic lines as well as high speed wireless communications. This innovative approach involved building out our fiber optic network to a tower nearby the Toronto library. The wireless partner then deployed its portion of the connection from the tower to the library, completing the end-to- end connection which allows the local library to have nearly seven times the bandwidth it had previously.

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