A True Fiber Optic Network Partner

Horizon Network Partners is a different kind of technology, Ethernet and fiber optic carrier.

Where others offer predetermined, inflexible service offerings, we deliver customizable solutions that solve problems. Where others rout your network over legacy technology, we operate a 21 st century, true optical network.


Across Ohio, the Midwest and beyond, Horizon is the only 100 percent fiber optic provider that offers both customizable fiber options and dependable service for customers in major metro regions and rural or hard-to- reach areas. Why? Because we believe in offering flexibility and solutions that other carriers can’t, or won’t. Even when conventional industry methods or practices preclude development, the Horizon team works to find a solution. It’s an ambitious and disciplined approach to customer service that has attracted a wide range of customers – from Fortune 500 companies to healthcare providers, municipal and state governments, universities and schools.


By choosing Horizon, you have access to a reliable, 24/7/365-monitored and supported network that offers:

The Latest Technology

At Horizon, we’ve been providing telecommunications services for more than 120 years. All the while, our dedication to technology and innovation has been constant. This commitment is evident in our 100 percent fiber optic network, most of which is less than 10 years old. Across our 4,500 route miles, all of our fiber and equipment offers the capacity to provide the backbone for the newest technology services, and the capability for virtually unlimited speed.

If you’re ready to see the difference that a true network partner can make, request a quote today.


Fast & Pure Fiber Optic Ethernet Network Solutions

Dedicated service that guarantees your operations have access to all of your available bandwidth at all times.

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Dedicated IP Addresses & Redundant Internet

IP address space and customizable options that are as robust or cost effective as your operations require.

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Flexibility, Network Infrastructure & Active Management

Scalable capabilities across Appalachian regions in southern and eastern Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, as well as Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.

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Dark Fiber

Fiber Solutions That Offer Flexibility and Security

More than 4,500 route miles located along non-traditional routes that access major metro, suburban and rural regions, providing you with network security and redundancy.

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Meeting Bandwidth Needs with Customized Fiber Solutions

Additional, scalable bandwidth via our low-latency, pure optical, DWDM network, built on top of 144-strand to 288-strand fiber.

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Data Centers

Access to Tier 1 to Tier 4 Data Centers Across the Midwest

Access to a dozen centers in the Midwest and beyond that meet a variety of certifications and tier levels.

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