A True Fiber Optic Network Partner

Horizon designs and delivers advanced technologies to better serve you. Building and operating a 100% true optical network is our business and we design it to help you do what you do, better.

Flexible & SCALABLE

Horizon offers forward-thinking fiber technology that answers your business network needs and the needs you don't even know you have yet. We don't fit your needs over an old legacy network, we build from the ground up to provide the highest symmetrical speeds, lowest latency and most secure network possible. We also build our network with scalability in mind. When you need more, we've got it!


When you choose to partner with Horizon, you can rest easy knowing that our local Network Operations Center is monitoring your connection 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days of the year. Your business depends on our network every day and we take that responsibility seriously.


Horizon's long 120+ year history in the telecommunications industry has seen ever changing technologies. The one constant is our dedication for innovative customer solutions. When our rural customers needed a secure and reliable network to reach hospitals, schools, government buildings and cell towers, we started building the best fiber optic network that wasn't limited by distance degradation or environmental interference. Today we have over 4,500 route miles of fiber in central and southern Ohio and continue to expand into metro markets. Our network provides the backbone for the newest technology services and the capability for virtually unlimited speeds.

If you’re ready to see the difference that a true fiber optic network partner can make, request a quote today!


Fast & Pure Fiber Optic Ethernet Network Solutions

Dedicated service that guarantees your operations have access to all of your available bandwidth at all times.

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Dedicated IP Addresses & Redundant Internet

IP address space and customizable options that are as robust or cost effective as your operations require.

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Flexibility, Network Infrastructure & Active Management

Scalable capabilities across Appalachian regions in southern and eastern Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, as well as Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.

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Dark Fiber

Fiber Solutions That Offer Flexibility and Security

More than 4,500 route miles located along non-traditional routes that access major metro, suburban and rural regions, providing you with network security and redundancy.

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Meeting Bandwidth Needs with Customized Fiber Solutions

Additional, scalable bandwidth via our low-latency, pure optical, DWDM network, built on top of 144-strand to 288-strand fiber.

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Data Centers

Access to Tier 1 to Tier 4 Data Centers Across the Midwest

Access to a dozen centers in the Midwest and beyond that meet a variety of certifications and tier levels.

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