Aardvark Communications & Security Announces Joins Horizon Network Partners Agent Program

Marietta, Ohio, USA: Aardvark Communications & Security, headquartered in Marietta, Ohio, announces it has recently joined the new Agent Program with Horizon Network Partners. 

Horizon Network Partners is a broadband and fiber optic data services provider with expertise in backhaul, data centers, Ethernet, dark fiber, Internet, and wavelength services. Servicing Ohio, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, Horizon has been in business for 120 years. Working with established partners, Horizon provides access to its six-state region and more than 40 colocation centers across the Midwest. 

Aardvark’s capabilities in the areas of networking and security services drew Horizon to the company. “Horizon Network Partners is excited to be kicking off our new Agent Program with Aardvark Communications and Security,” said Steve Steele, President and Chief Operating Officer of Horizon Network Partners. Steele went on to note that the combination of Horizon’s technology with Aardvark’s services “is a complete solution for businesses and organizations throughout Marietta and the surrounding region.”

“We are very excited about this opportunity, not just for our business but for the people of the Mid-Ohio Valley as well,” said Alex Saliba, Aardvark General Manager. “We will be able to give Horizon a deep, local reach in this region and they will be able to help us expand our area of service.”

About Aardvark Communications & Security

Aardvark Communications & Security offers leading edge service, installation and equipment to satisfied customers throughout Southeastern Ohio. Our mission is to provide custom-designed solutions on a client-by-client basis. While Aardvark boasts a wide array of products and services, our sales and installation engineers focus on the specific needs of each customer now and in the future. Aardvark’s solutions are designed to grow along with your business needs. Learn more at www,aardvarkcommunications.net.

Company Contact:

Alex Saliba

Agency Contact

Margie Clayman